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Richard Ouzounian,
The Toronto Star

Acting Up Stage Company is one of the few organizations in Canada committed to developing new Canadian musicals.


NoteWorthy unites Canadian playwrights and composers, gives them a creative environment in which to collaborate and experiment, invests in their ideas through small commissions, and ultimately shepherds work from development to full production in one of our seasons. We are committed to developing new musical works that meet our mandate and investing in artists who can help us fulfill this vision. 

Our work in NoteWorthy spans five types of activities:

1. Matching

Annually, in partnership with April 30th Entertainment, we match composers, lyricists and playwrights to explore artistic collaboration in an intensive two week writing laboratory. Experts in musical composition, lyric and book writing are brought in to work with the participants who generate 10-minute musical works with different collaborators. This training program is offered to Canadian artists annually through a national call-for-submissions.

2. Commissioning

We contribute seed funding to exciting original ideas that emerge  both from within our “Matching Program” and from unsolicited submissions that we receive.

3. Development

We provide artistic and financial developmental support to a small portfolio of projects that we commission including readings and workshops.

4. Production

We produce original Canadian musicals on our Mainstage and seek out programming both from within and outside of NoteWorthy.

5. Dissemination

Through our relationships with other musical theatre companies across Canada and internationally, we arrange commissioning and developmental partnerships as well as touring and licensing opportunities for the original Canadian musicals with which we are involved.

Alumni of NoteWorthy include:

Anna Chatterton
Chris Craddock
Steven Gallagher
Andrew Kushnir
Rosa Laborde
Alex Poch-Goldin
Tracey Power
Erin Shields
Julie Tepperman
Colleen Dauncey
Zachary Florence
Bram Gielen
Reza Jacobs
Bryce Kulak
Yan Li
Dustin Peters
Akiva Romer-Segal
Adam Sakiyama