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Mitchell’s Musings – God I Hope I Get It!

A Chorus Line

God I Hope I Get It. I Hope I Get It. How many people does he need?

Those opening lines of A Chorus Line ring in my head every time I am heading to auditions. Dozens of hopeful, incredibly talented individuals, vying for a few roles in a production. 

Sitting on an audition panel is always a humbling, inspiring and exhausting experience. This past week, I had the great privilege of seeing 60 artists for 9 (remaining) roles in The Wild Party – our winter production in association with Obsidian Theatre Company. More

The Last 5 Years Movie Review

Disclaimer: The Last 5 Years opened off-Broadway in March 2002, the cast recording was released that April. So, by September 2013 (as I started my first year in Sheridan College’s Music Theatre Performance Program) the sheet music was out and everyone was singing it. The songs were an intrinsic part of my college experience. More

To ice bucket, or not to ice bucket?


For the past month, but especially the past few weeks, we’ve been bombarded with ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos on social media platforms. Everywhere I look, I keep reading about this ‘organic’ movement that is changing the face of not-for-profit philanthropy. Watching all the videos, and reading about the success of the campaign over the past few weeks, I started wondering if a similar model could be adapted by not-for-profit theatres. The two causes are significantly different from each other by nature; but I wonder, can we find our own Ice Bucket Challenge in the arts? More

Introducing: Ari Weinberg as Intern Artistic Director


We are thrilled to welcome Ari Weinberg to our organization as the Intern Artistic Director. He will be a regular contributor to “Musical Notes” as he shares his experiences transitioning from a career as an actor to an Artistic Director.

A Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams

With Robin Williams’ untimely death this week, the Internet has been overwhelmingly populated with all sorts of tributes to the iconic entertainer. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the shared quotes, pictures, videos, and articles, it’s that Robin Williams is very much loved and will be missed dearly. If there’s anything I’ve re-learned, it’s that he was one of the most versatile entertainers of all time! More

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