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Producing Notes – A 5, 6, 7, 8!

A Musical Theatre Dance Party

I hope that all Toronto musical theatre fans have Tuesday, April 29 blocked off in their calendars. That evening, from 8:30PM-11:30PM at the Drake Underground (1150 Queen Street West) we are co-hosting – along with Theatre20 and Angelwalk TheatreAnd 5, 6, 7, 8: A Musical Theatre Dance Party.

Over the last few years, whenever I have gone to New York, I have tried to make sure that I was in town on a Monday night so I could go to “Musical Mondays” at Splash Bar. DJ John Bantay would curate an impressive video party of showtunes – clips from the Tony Awards, talk show clips, old movie musicals. Beyond getting to watch a fantastic archive of performances in a jam packed bar filled with shirtless bartenders, it was incredible to see the crowd dancing. And I mean DANCING. People who knew every step to “One” from A Chorus Line. A perfectly replicated “Dance At The Gym”. Trios who could perform the infamous “Turkey Lurkey Time” step by step. It was amazing. Splash Bar is no longer unfortunately. Musical Mondays has been sort of reinvented as “Monday Musicals” at XL Nightclub and the incredible DJ John Bantay has moved on.

When we were thinking up And 5, 6, 7, 8: A Musical Theatre Dance Party, we weren’t exactly attempting to replicate Musical Mondays in Toronto. But we were hoping that we could recreate some of its incredible energy and community building.

We decided to band together with Theatre20 and Angelwalk to put this event on to give musical theatre lovers in this city a chance to gather, meet and celebrate. We are always out in the market place fundraising, or selling tickets. What a refreshing joy to offer a fun night out (and who doesn’t need a little spring fun after THAT winter), without cover or ticket cost, and without any goal other than to see colleagues and audiences kick up their heels and enjoy some great music chosen by some pretty awesome guest DJs.

I hope to see you there. I promise you a dream ballet, a little Shipoopi and a fouette of a good time. 

Throwback Thursdays – Wayne Gwillim on John & Jen

2013/2014 Season | Home Promo

As we bid adieu to Elegies: A Song Cycle, we share with you a final #tbt from the cast and creative team of this amazing show. Wayne Gwillim was an integral part of most of our earlier shows, including John & Jen, the second production we ever produced. Here are his memories of his time as music director on that show. More

Throwback Thursdays – Sarah-Jeanne Hosie on Falsettos

2013/2014 Season | Home Promo

This weekend is the closing weekend of Elegies: A Song Cycle, and we will be so sad to see this one go. So, as one last tribute to the amazing William Finn, today’s throwback is brought to your courtesy of Sarah-Jeanne Hosie, or one of the “lesbians-from-next-door” from last year’s Falsettos. Like Elegies, Falsettos elegantly straddled the comic and the heartfelt, and featured some killer performers singing some incredible music. More

Tony Tuesdays – Anything Goes

Everyone loves a good old fashioned toe-tapping showstopper… right?

Cole Porter’s Anything Goes has an incredible score full of memorable tunes, but nothing raises the roof quite like the titular tune, which also happens to be the Act 1 finale. A thin but entertaining plot filled with vaudevillian humour, zany disguises and romance all intertwine out on the ocean in this audience pleaser set on a cruise ship. More

Joel Gomez’s Triple Threat


Elegies: A Song Cycle has only 10 performances left, and we’re certain you don’t want to miss the show the Toronto Star gave 4/4 stars to. As if that isn’t enough, you certainly want to check out Joel Gomez, the newest cast member in the production, in his first professional Toronto musical. A recent graduate of Sheridan’s Performance Musical Theatre Program, this is just the beginning for Joel and we are so psyched to see what he does next! More

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