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Watch a Sneak Peek of UnCovered: Billy Joel & Elton John

You’ve never heard the Piano Man like this before…


Video Roundup: Broadway’s Spookiest Songs


When the weather starts to turn, there’s no more welcoming environment than a warm theatre. There’s also none more terrifying, either, when done right. Musicals might have an image of being all smiles and kicklines and happy endings, but Broadway has some skeletons (and ghosts, and devils, and murderers) in its closets too. So before you get dressed up in your Broadway-themed costume and head out on the town, get in this spooky seasonal mood with these monstrous musical tunes. More

Triple Threat with Jeffery Straker

Jeffrey Straker

Unlike the other performers in this year’s UnCovered: Billy Joel and Elton John (coming up November 12-13), Jeffery Straker is not a musical theatre artist first and foremost. Instead, he’s a successful Canadian musician known for his piano-based pop, much like the music of these two classic “piano men” showcased in the concert. As a touring and recording artist for over eight years, he’s the perfect person to reexamine these songs under a new perspective. We talked to him (see previous interviews with Chilina Kennedy and Jake Epstein) to learn more about his musical inspirations. More

Five super easy Halloween costumes for the Broadway lover

Ari Wicked witch_rsz

Halloween is almost here! While some people try to figure out the scariest or most pop culturally relevant costume to wear, it’s a Broadway enthusiast’s chance to pay homage to some of the greatest characters in musical theatre. All Hallow’s Eve provides an incredible opportunity to create/craft/design a costume that will make friends burst into four part harmony and jazz hands instead of screams of terror.

I’ve used many a Halloween night as a chance to display my love of musicals. At six years old, I dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the West. In Grade 11, I was inspired to go trick-or-treating as the Emcee from Cabaret (the Joel Grey incarnation, not Alan Cumming). I painted my face white, rouged my cheeks and put on dress pants, a dress shit, suspenders and a bow tie. Unfortunately, it proved to be a rather frigid evening and I had to wear my winter coat… so everyone thought I was a mime. Last year, I even took a friends dare and dressed up as a sexy Grizabella from Cats. More

Has the Internet killed my love of musicals?

Mitchell's CD collection

When I was a kid, I used to collect cast recordings. I don’t know that I ever did a final tally, but I still have about 200 cast recordings on my shelf at home. I used to subscribe those CD clubs in the 90s where you would get 20 CDs for a penny and have to buy 7 more in the year. I used to make the trek from my Thornhill home to downtown Toronto just to visit Song & Script or (the deeply missed) Theatre Qs to pick up the newest recordings. Every Saturday morning I used to wake-up and stay in bed with headphones listening to a cast recording. I remember being in Grade 10 and rushing home after school to listen to the 2-CD recording of Rent in its entirety. I would revel in the linear notes that came with the CD, studying every lyric and studiously reviewing the synopsis between songs to try to imagine what was happening in the book scenes. More

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