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Introducing: Ari Weinberg as Intern Artistic Director


We are thrilled to welcome Ari Weinberg to our organization as the Intern Artistic Director. He will be a regular contributor to “Musical Notes” as he shares his experiences transitioning from a career as an actor to an Artistic Director.


A Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams

With Robin Williams’ untimely death this week, the Internet has been overwhelmingly populated with all sorts of tributes to the iconic entertainer. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the shared quotes, pictures, videos, and articles, it’s that Robin Williams is very much loved and will be missed dearly. If there’s anything I’ve re-learned, it’s that he was one of the most versatile entertainers of all time! More

Into The (Holly)Woods


Into The Woods is one of my favourite musicals. So you can imagine my excitement when the teaser trailer came out last week. Meryl Streep! Johnny Depp! Anna Kendrick! Rob Marshall directing! A big fat Disney budget! All those amazing songs- wait a minute… More

Producing Notes – Gimme a T-O-N-Y!


Tony night is my favourite television night of the year. It is my Super Bowl. As someone who almost never turns on the television, it is the time when I surround myself with people who will silently revel in the performances and speeches and promise only to talk during commercials – I just don’t want to miss any of it. More

Tony Tuesdays – Big: The Musical

Everyone loves a good old fashioned toe-tapping showstopper… right?

Cole Porter’s Anything Goes has an incredible score full of memorable tunes, but nothing raises the roof quite like the titular tune, which also happens to be the Act 1 finale. A thin but entertaining plot filled with vaudevillian humour, zany disguises and romance all intertwine out on the ocean in this audience pleaser set on a cruise ship. More

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