Brent Carver in UnCovered: Billy Joel & Elton John (2014). Photography: Joanna Akyol.

We advance the art and substance of musical theatre in Canada.

We produce entertaining and poignant contemporary musicals, bring new musicals to life and develop the artists and audiences of tomorrow.

Since 2004, we have been rewarded time and again with rave reviews, sold-out performances, 45 Dora Mavor Moore Award nominations, 10 Toronto Theatre Critics’ Awards and 9 Dora Mavor Moore Awards. We have been recognized by arts councils, foundations, corporate sponsors and private donors for artistic excellence, prudent financial management and sensible strategies.

Acting Up Stage Company seeks to reinvigorate the musical in Canada as a contemporary, innovative, and transformative art form by:

  • producing and developing thought-provoking, emotionally-engaging theatre that utilizes sung music to deepen emotion; enrich setting, character, and theme; and heighten theatricality;
  • aspiring to the highest standard of excellence through the engagement of Canada’s finest artists in a collaborative and supportive creative process;
  • provoking discussion and discourse amongst our audiences through socially relevant, timely stories that favour historically underrepresented voices;
  • challenging artists with character-driven works and complex scores, while challenging audiences with non-traditional musicals that expand conventional expectations of the genre;
  • educating young people about the contemporary world through musicals, while educating aspiring performers about 21st century musical theatre aesthetics;
  • training, supporting and promoting Canadian musical theatre writers, premiering their work, and serving as an advocate for them across Canada and internationally.

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