Our picks for SummerWorks 2015!

Stupidhead! A Mucisal Coemdy features songs by Katherine Cullen and Britta Johnson,

Are you festival-ed out yet? After Panamania, the Fringe Festival, Luminato, giant music extravaganzas like WayHome and Field Trip, and smaller festivals popping up all the time - could we possibly be seeing Peak Festival?

NO WAY! Because the 25th annual SummerWorks festival is coming up, running from August 6 to 16, and there’s always more time in the day for SummerWorks. Lots of Acting Up Stage’s friends and colleagues have played in the SummerWorks pool of new and boundary-pushing work - and this year is no different. Here are a few of the more musical offerings at SummerWorks 2015 that we can’t wait to catch.

Stupidhead: (A Mucisal Cmoedy)

This new one-woman show by Katherine Cullen sounds hilarious and absolutely cringe-worthy yet wonderfully hopeful. Cullen uses her own experience with dyslexia and social awkwardness as a kid, along with original songs by herself and (one of this year’s Acting Up Stage artist-in-residence and NoteWorthy grad) Britta Johnson, as the inspiration for Stupidhead! (A Mucisal Cmoedy), a show about the humiliation that comes with being a human person. We completely understand these feelings and can’t wait to hear them explored through song.

Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace
16 Ryerson Avenue

Performance Dates

Friday August 7th9:45 PM
Saturday August 8th7:00 PM
Tuesday August 11th7:00 PM
Wednesday August 12th9:45 PM
Thursday August 13th4:30 PM
Saturday August 15th4:30 PM
Sunday August 16th7:00 PM

Mapleman: Canuck Crusader

Mapleman: Canuck Crusader by The Woodlands Drama Company.
Mapleman: Canuck Crusader by The Woodlands Drama Company.

The Sears Ontario Drama Festival, an annual theatre festival for high school students and productions, has a pretty unique partnership with the SummerWorks festival. These shows are usually quite ambitious for such young performers, and Mapleman gets us pretty excited about the musical theatre stars of tomorrow. Performed by grade 7-12 students from The Woodlands School in Mississauga, Mapleman is a new musical about a Canadian superhero trying to protect his citizens from the lures of consumerism and greed.

Factory Theatre Mainspace
125 Bathurst Street

Performance Dates

Saturday August 8th4:00 PM
Tuesday August 11th4:15 PM
Saturday August 15th4:45 PM

MacArthur Park Suite: A Disco Ballet

MacArthur Park Suite: A Disco Ballet, created and co-choreographed by Ryan G. Hinds.
MacArthur Park Suite: A Disco Ballet, created and co-choreographed by Ryan G. Hinds.

Two words: Donna Summer. Her disco classics form the soundtrack of this double-header of dance that blew up at the Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre recently. MacArthur Park Suite was created and choreographed (along with Nicole Rose Bond) by Ryan G. Hinds, who is just following up his hit Fringe Festival one-man cabaret Starry Notions, so our hopes are high he’ll keep riding his own wave of success.

Factory Theatre Mainspace
125 Bathurst Street

Performance Dates

Thursday August 6th6:00 PM
Sunday August 9th7:00 PM
Monday August 10th9:30 PM
Wednesday August 12th4:45 PM

An Evening in July

An Evening in July starring Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton.

There’s not a whole lots of music in The Templeton Philharmonic’s An Evening in July, but there is one heck of a dance number. We loved it when it premiered at the 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival, and bet that it has only gotten funnier and sadder in the past year. Comedy duo Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton find their character inspirations in the 1970’s documentary Grey Gardens (we’re fans) and Helene de Rothschild’s 1972 Surrealist Ball, so they’re equal parts charming, glamorous, and eerily odd.

St. George the Martyr Anglican Church
197 John Street

Performance Dates

Thursday August 6th8:00 PM
Friday August 7th8:00 PM
Saturday August 8th4:00 PM
Saturday August 8th7:00 PM
Sunday August 9th8:00 PM
Wednesday August 12th8:00 PM
Thursday August 13th8:00 PM
Friday August 14th8:00 PM
Saturday August 15th4:00 PM
Saturday August 15th7:00 PM
Sunday August 16th8:00 PM

Let’s Not Beat Each Other to Death

Let’s Not Beat Each Other To Death starring Stewart Legere.

Actor and musician Stewart Legere and theatre director Christian Barry join forces for this “part monologue, part concert” performance in tribute to members of the LGBTQ community that have experienced violence. Knowing that the show changes depending on the cities it visits and the stories learned there, as well as featuring two well-known theatre makers of the east coast, we’re sure this is going to be a solid bet.

Small World Music Centre
180 Shaw Street, Studio 101

Performance Dates

Thursday August 13th9:00 PM
Friday August 14th9:00 PM
Saturday August 15th9:00 PM
Sunday August 16th9:00 PM
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