Month: April 2015

10 Reasons the new musical Brantwood is a knockout

Toronto musical theatre fans have always found reliable fare in the nearby city of Oakville, Ontario, which hosts the Sheridan College Music Theatre Performance program, but Torontonians have been flocking westward like never before for Brantwood: 1920-2020. The site-specific, immersive show, directed and written by Mitchell Cushman and Julie Tepperman with music and lyrics by Britta Johnson, Anika Johnson and Bram Gielen, uses Sheridan students and four adult actors to mix stories from the school’s 100-year history through the hallways, classrooms, and fields.

Here are 10 reasons why this is a must-see show (one for each decade of the school’s history). More

What is an actor worth?

What is an actor worth?

If a production can’t make enough money to pay its actors and cover its costs, is it okay to not pay people? Should an actor have the right to choose to work for free? More

Highlights from And 5, 6, 7, 8!

Anyone who came out to the Drake Underground on a rainy Sunday night knows that there ain’t no party like a musical theatre party - where you’ll see anything from a classic Liza number, to techno remix of “Defying Gravity,” to a video of Cher as every single character from West Side Story. But for those who missed it, here’s a little sample of the highlights from April 19, and to get you excited already for next year. More

How to be your own Dancing Queen

Last week, the Broadway Gods announced that Mamma Mia! will close on September 5 - after 14 years and 5,765 performances. While it’s always great to have some fresh blood on The Great White Way, we must pay tribute somehow to the musical giant - it’s a good thing we happen to have a musical theatre dance party planned for this weekend!

To prepare for the most anticipated Sunday night of the Toronto musical theatre calendar - you must become your own Dancing Queen! And with these (virtually) instructional dance videos according to genre, from a Twenties fad to the iconic “angry dance,” you’ll be well on your way. More

Our picks for Hot Docs 2015

Contrary to popular belief, the Acting Up Stage team is not totally obsessed with musical theatre. Well, maybe we are. But we’re not ONLY obsessed with musicals. We’re also big documentary fans, and lucky for us, the world’s biggest documentary film festival is starting next week!

Hot Docs is taking place in Toronto from April 23 to May 3, and to get ready we’ve picked what we think are some of the most exciting movies coming to this year’s festival. And yes, some of them have to do with musical theatre. More