Month: September 2015

Triple Threat: Jeigh Madjus

Get to know some of our favourite artists! Triple Threat is a regular feature that reveals which musicals left indelible impressions on the performers, musicians, and actors involved in Acting Up Stage productions. Up next is Jeigh Madjus!

Jeigh’s a Toronto-born grad of Etobicoke School of the Arts and Sheridan College for Music Theatre - Performance, who has appeared in musicals all over Canada and the United States, most recently in David Byrne’s Here Lies Love in New York City. He’s also an annual feature at our UnCovered concerts, and returns once again for UnCovered: Simon & Garfunkel this November 3-5. (Until then, we suggest you check out his amazing YouTube channel!) More

The Worst Part of My Job

I was thinking recently about my least favourite part of my job. While fundraising and financial audits are close runners-up, I think the thing that I have to do most often that I least enjoy is rejecting people. More

Video Roundup: The Hits of Simon & Garfunkel

What’s the good thing about the end of summer, besides pumpkin spice-flavoured everything and sweater weather? We’re all the more closer to our annual UnCovered concert!

This week, individual tickets went on sale for this year’s edition - UnCovered: Simon & Garfunkel, coming to Koerner Hall from November 3 to 5 (tickets are already going fast - get yours now before they’re gone!). More

Video Roundup: It’s Getting Hot In Here

Ah, September. The month where Torontonians and Canadians everywhere begin to accept the fact that summer doesn’t last forever, and after the short bliss of fall, winter will return. It always does, and it always will.

But! There is one way to keep the warm weather vibes continuing - and that is through these five musical tunes from Broadway. Keep these hits in mind during the long months of blizzards and sub-zero temperatures, and it’ll be steaming hot again before you know it. More