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MT Scavenger Hunt: The Light in the Piazza

This season, the Shaw Festival is presenting one of the most beautiful pieces of musical theatre ever written, The Light in the Piazza. Actor Jeff Irving plays Fabrizio Naccarelli in the show and took us backstage for a little scavenger hunt! More

MT Scavenger Hunt: Title of Show

Musicals come and musicals go, but few off-Broadway musicals have become such an integral part of the canon as Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen’s [title of show]. This show-within-a-show features struggling writers Hunter and Jeff as they face the New York Musical Theatre Festival deadline and decide to take a risk and write an original musical in only three weeks. So, in the true spirit of behind the scenes musicals, we sent director Bianca Heuvelmans on an MT Scavenger Hunt in anticipation of the Lower Ossington Theatre’s production of this unforgettable piece. More

MT Scavenger Hunt: Robin Hood

As great advocates of new Canadian musicals, we’re very excited for Hart House Theatre’s opening of its 2012/2013 marquee show, Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical Comedy, tonight at 8PM. This Canadian-made musical is a witty and amusing twist on one of the most famous legends in the English language: that of the dashing, daring and handsome man in tights, Robin of Locksley, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. So in the stealth spirit of the Merry Men, we sent actor Luke LaRocque, on an MT Scavenger Hunt: More

MT Scavenger Hunt: Ordinary Days

There’s nothing like the most minute of actions - in this case, losing your graduate thesis research notes - to set a musical into motion. Angelwalk Theatre’s Ordinary Days follows in the proud tradition of intersecting character arcs, happenstance circumstances and the 21st century quarter-life crisis. What better way to celebrate a musical about a series of randomly connected events than to send Angelwalk on their very own MT Scavenger Hunt?! More

MT Scavenger Hunt: The Wizard of Oz

There’s only room for one pair of ruby slippers in this town, Toto, and though Mirvish may be still be figuring out Danielle’s shoe size, Scarborough Music Theatre is proud to present a run of The Wizard of Oz which reinterprets Oz like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Naturally, we had to send them on an MT Scavenger Hunt! More

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