Meet the Gay Dad Project - Interview #1

We were so lucky to have e-met Amie of the Gay Dad Project back in the Fall - a recently founded interactive hub for gay fathers and their children. Through open and respectful dialogue they hope to give visibility to families and create a safe space for conversation. As part of our ongoing partnership with them in conjunction with Falsettos, all four of the founders - Amie and Pete, and Erin and Larry - sat down to answer our questions based on their own personal experience vis-a-vis Marvin’s journey in the musical. Here are Amie and Pete, and tune in next week for Erin and Larry’s video!



You can find out more about the Gay Dad Project on their website, including their inspiring kickstarter campaign towards the making of a documentary on the subject. You can also meet Amie and Pete when they host one of the Choose Your Own Adventure Post Show Chats after the May 7 performance of Falsettos.

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