Critics are loving The Wild Party!

Cara Ricketts and Daren. A. Herbert. Photo by Rachael McCaig Photography.

This is officially the party of the season!

Critics react to The Wild Party.

*** (out of 4)
“An exuberant staging packed with knock-’em-dead performances.”
- The Globe and Mail

*** (out of 4)
“Michael John LaChiusa’s dark, brilliant, jazzy setting of Joseph Moncure March’s 1928 epic poem springs into vivid sonic life.” Cara Ricketts is “yearning, vulnerable, magnificent.”
- The Toronto Star

**** (out of 5)
“Be prepared; you will be blown away by this gritty, sexual, exciting and compelling story.”
- AM 740

“The show progresses like a fireworks display… the cast’s energy is infectious and exhilarating. It’s that party that I wished wouldn’t end.”
- Mooney On Theatre

““May be the most eye-popping, raucous, high-energy musical you see this year… Miss it at your own risk. I wouldn’t be surprised if the snow melts at the feet of all who walk out of the Berkeley.””
- Jazz FM

Isn’t it time you joined the party?
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