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The Year of The Child - C’est L’Halloween!

It’s Halloween!!!

I kind of love Halloween. It’s probably the musical theatre nerd inside of me that enjoys putting on costumes and running through the city in character. For a while as a teenager I went on a spree of ‘musical theatre related Halloween outfits’. My best two were one of the Starlight Express characters (on roller skates) and Gene Simmons as the Phantom Of The Opera (i.e. full KISS gear in full Phantom gear). More

Out There - Theatre Criticism and You

A couple days ago, my friend commented to me that theatre criticism was a dying medium. I asked if the theory behind this was that blogs were diluting the critical landscape, thereby making theatre critics obsolete. In response, he concurred that theatre criticism as a profession was on the decline, and of course, I had to agree. Much like all journalism, the proliferation of the cyber landscape with non-paid writers, critics and theorists have eliminated the need for these types of paid investigations – after all, why should a newspaper pay for an article when it can be published (and accessed) for free on any individual’s blog?

There are many factors which I believe will still continue to allow paid journals and newspapers to thrive, specifically online, but nonetheless, even these bodies are turning increasingly to more unconventional types of journalism in response to the pedestrianization of critical and investigative response. My favourite example of this is “Bros on Broadway,” a new feature launched by in which every day men, ostensibly ones who haven’t seen a play since middle school, are sent to review shows from a distinctly non-theatrical perspective. The ones released so far include Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Cyrano de Bergerac. And man are they funny. More

Banks Vlog #3 - Favorite Musical Theatre Composers

Today, Alexis lets us in on her favorite contemporary MT composers, and takes us on a mini journey through some of their best loved songs. More

MT Scavenger Hunt: Rocky Horror Show

In honor of their tenth anniversary, and in perfect timing for Halloween, Fallen Rock Productions presents The Rocky Horror Show, replete with your favorite transvestites transsexuals and Transylvanians. Featuring up and coming emerging musical theatre artists, including Acting Up Stage perennial, the gorgeous and talented Kelly Holiff, this is Rocky like you’ve never seen it before. Most excitingly, Fallen Rock donates all proceeds from the performance to the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario. Let’s see how Artistic Director Jason Spetter fared on his MT Scavenger Hunt! More

The Year of The Child - Who’s on First?

Recently, I feel like life is a juggling act, trying to prioritize my children.

There is of course the obvious juggle of trying to prioritize two twins, both of whom want my attention, care and love 24/7. Every moment that both babies are awake involves some degree of choice: Who is the most hungry and who might be able to hold off for 20 minutes? Who needs the most attention and who might be content playing alone on a mat? Who gets loaded into the car first and who has to amuse themselves in the house for 2 more minutes? Through trial and error, and learning each babies’ personality, each one of these decisions becomes less and less of a gamble with more success than error.

But I also have a third child. More

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