Archives: November 2012

Banks Vlog #5 - Behind the scenes at Tapestries

For their Acting Up Stage Debut, Alexis and Andres performed in Tapestries: The Music of Carole King and James Taylor. Between prepping for their numbers, they took some time to get the behind the scenes scoop from the entire cast, including Cynthia Dale, Jake Epstein, Arlene Duncan, Josh Young and Sterling Jarvis.

There’s two parts to this one, so grab your eggnog, sit back and enjoy! More

MT Scavenger Hunt: Ordinary Days

There’s nothing like the most minute of actions - in this case, losing your graduate thesis research notes - to set a musical into motion. Angelwalk Theatre’s Ordinary Days follows in the proud tradition of intersecting character arcs, happenstance circumstances and the 21st century quarter-life crisis. What better way to celebrate a musical about a series of randomly connected events than to send Angelwalk on their very own MT Scavenger Hunt?! More

The Year of The Child - Ch-ch-changes

Well… we started solid foods.

Picture this, after months of feeding TWO children, 5-8 times per day EACH and just finally having mastered (mostly) bottle feeding, your doctor tells you that you should ADD two additional feeds each day using cereal and a spoon. My heart sank a little.

It didn’t turn out so badly. I had visions of two screaming children and cereal flying all over my living room. But there was definitely confusion: What is this in my mouth? What do I do with it? Spit it out? Swallow it and hope that I live?

It’s been a week. We are all slowly getting the hang of it. Our son has taken to it quite nicely. Our daughter still isn’t sure about it. More

A Craigslist Cabaret Contest - Jennifer Walls

Here’s Jennifer Walls performing her very own performative interpretation of a Craigslist Missed Connection. Record your own, and not only can you headline our very special Craigslist Cabaret (after A Craigslist Cantata) on February 13, but you also get to be Jennifer’s very own special guest at SINGular Sensation. For more information and the complete prize package - including 8 tickets to Acting Up Stage and Factory productions - click here. More

One Song Glory - The Blog #2

One Song Glory, our youth training program, had another galloping day at the races last Saturday. Here are some more behind the action photos, and make sure to buy your tickets to the showcase performance now before they sell out! More

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