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Our Favorite (Halloween) Things

It’s that time of year where you’ve gotten out your wigs, donned some makeup and have probably imbibed one two many drinks at a pre-Halloween extravaganza. At Acting Up Stage, where it’s musical theatre 24/7, we are spending the day listening to our favorite spooky cast recordings. Share with us your favorite scary musicals, as we share ours with you! More

Jeff Madden’s Triple Threat

This week Jeff Madden joins us with his Triple Threat. International star of Jersey Boys and veteran of the Shaw Festival, Jeff clearly knows a thing or two about musical theatre. Also, as you’ll soon see, the guy’s as good a writer as a performer - so have a read below, and then check him out in UnCovered: Sting & The Police on November 18! More

Sara Farb’s Triple Threat

For someone so young, Sara Farb has achieved great success in the musical theatre world, including multiple awards for her portrayal of Natalie in Next to Normal. This November, she returns to Acting Up Stage’s annual concert in UnCovered: Sting & The Police after a very successful season at Stratford, including playing Jessica in The Merchant of Venice. Next season, she’ll return to the Festival as Lear’s stalwart daughter, Cordelia, but in the meantime we caught up with her to give us the lowdown on what defines her musical theatre tastes. More

Throwback Thursdays - Elenna Mosoff on The Long and Winding Road

Two things came to define Acting Up Stage in the early years of this decade: 1) Our annual concert, in which Reza Jacobs and an all star rotating team of some of Canada’s greatest musical theatre talent reimagine, rearrange and reorchestrate a legendary songbook. 2) Associate Producer Elenna Mosoff, who left last year to pursue her own avenues, but whose inspiration and vision was the propelling force behind our concerts. As we get ready for this year’s UnCovered: Sting & The Police, Elenna takes a moment to reflect on her favorite concert, The Long and Winding Road. More

Producing Notes - Oh, Canada!

I went to the presentation for Come From Away, an original musical written by David Hein and Irene Sankoff – two Toronto-based writers. It was developed at Sheridan College under Michael Rubinoff and the Canadian Music Theatre Project. The musical tells the story of the 38 plans and thousands of passengers who were grounded in Gander, Newfoundland on September 11th.
As I sat in the theatre waiting for the presentation to begin, I felt nervous. Even though I have no direct affiliation with the piece, the NAMT showcase was going to put a major spotlight on Canada and our musical theatre abilities at this mostly American conference. I hoped that it would resonate with the audience in New York as it had done back home. More

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