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Thomas Tony Tuesdays - Wicked

Musical theatre moments which just can’t be beat, and have already been covered by Thomas:

3. Michael Jeter’s Gumbi moves in Grand Hotel

2. Patti’s jaw-dropping, heartbreaking and traditionally consonantless Rose

But I was shocked, dismayed and positively delighted that he had yet to tackle one of the most memorable Tony moments ever. Right before she won Best Leading Actress in a musical, before the show would go on to play for (as of now) 10 straight years and before Kristin Chenoweth would become some strange plastic surgery laden cyborg, Idina grabbed her broom and invited us all to defy gravity with her. More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays - Legally Blonde

Kristen Chenoweth is the epitome of the term “firecracker”.

The first time I was exposed to Chenoweth was in her hilarious portrayal as Glinda in the international smash hit musical Wicked. Since then, Chenoweth has grown to become an international superstar due to her continued work in film and television (Glee, The West Wing, Pushing Daisies). More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays - 9 to 5

This week I am going to cheat a little bit. The performance I have chosen is not from the actual Tony Awards broadcast but it is from the pre-broadcast…so that counts…right? More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays - Les Miserables

In celebration of its return to Toronto, this week’s performance will be from Les Miserables. It’s incredible to think that it has been over 25 years since the original production in Europe and Les Mis is still one of the most beloved shows in the world. More

Thomas Tony Tuesdays - Parade

Brent Carver is one of the best stage actors in the world. Disagree? Take a look at the Parade performance from the 1999 Tony Awards and tell me I’m wrong. Carver’s performance of “This Is Not Over Yet” is indisputable evidence that he is a master craftsman who is able to make bold choices while still remaining true to the world of the play. More

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