The Year of The Child - Downtime

Artistic Director Mitchell Marcus chronicles his journey of raising a non-traditional family (with husband Orrin) as it relates to the non-traditional family in Falsettos (Apr 23 – May 12, 2013). Check back every week to see how he balances raising a company and raising two new born twins.

I’m playing with both babies. Our daughter’s getting a bit cranky, and our son’s eyes look a little red. Could it be that they are both sleepy at the same time? AMAZING! That never happens! What are the odds that both of them are going to nap at the same time?

I race them both upstairs, put them in their sleep sacks, put a pacifier in their mouths, and turn on the sleep sheep (best invention ever — to the calming sound of ocean waves.

I AM FREE!!!! Potentially up to one full hour of Daddy-alone time.

So what I do? I race to my computer and start answering emails like a crazy person.

Sometimes I envy people who have the kind of job that you can just walk away from, cold-turkey, while on leave. Many of the new moms and dads I hang out with who are on parental leave aren’t even thinking about work. They leave it to their bosses to figure out what to do while they are gone, and they enjoy up to 52 weeks of uninterrupted workless-ness.

But in theatre? Not very likely!!!

There are so many theatre people who had babies this year and I’m not sure I can think of any of them who are able to just totally shut down without thinking about work or staying ‘a little’ connected. So what is this about? Are we all just workaholics? Is it that we work in an industry that is so shaky that we can’t afford to leave things alone for a few months without risking major issues?

Being an optimist, I am going to say that we are so lucky to truly love what we do. Our job IS our hobby and so we are bound to yearn to stay connected, even when we aren’t supposed to be there at all.

So while many new parents love nap time because they too get to enjoy a little rest, or watch their favourite TV show, or enjoy reading a book or a magazine, I love the chance to curl up on the couch with my good old friend “Dell” and check in on how things are going at Acting Up Stage.

And that probably makes me a sick person. Or a lucky one to love what he does. Or maybe both.

Anyone else have a job which they just can’t walk away from? Anyone else want to join my “People-who-can’t-shut-down Anonymous Club”?

And just as I put the finishing touches on this posting, I hear the faint sound of my daughter fussing. The nap time ends. Goodbye Artistic Producer. Hello Dad.




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