The Year of The Child - Hannukah Vacation

Artistic Director Mitchell Marcus chronicles his journey of raising a non-traditional family (with husband Orrin) as it relates to the non-traditional family in Falsettos (Apr 23 – May 12, 2013). Check back every week to see how he balances raising a company and raising two new born twins.

We are going to Mexico in 3 days. 23 of us.

Every few years, my extended family plans a big trip. It’s a wonderful chance to be together with my immediate family, plus grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. This year, the destination is Cancun.

Normally I am over the moon excited for these trips. This year, I am slightly terrified. Why? Because the notion of leaving our safe ‘baby-friendly’ home and getting on a plane (eek!) to a new country (eek!) with a limited amount of gear we can bring (eek!) is pretty frightening.

Babies under 2 years old don’t pay for plane tickets. This is good.

But babies who don’t pay for their plane tickets don’t get to bring luggage. This is bad. It means that we have two extra people who – though tiny – need a ton of stuff that we somehow have to fit it in amongst our own luggage.

Let’s review:

  1. Diapers – we go through 7 diapers per day x 2 children x 8 vacation days = 112
  2. Bibs – we go through 6 bibs per day x 2 children x 8 vacation days = 96
  3. Burp cloths – we go through approximately 4 per day x 2 children x 8 vacation days = 64
  4. Formula – we go through 1 container each (different brands) in 5 days = 4 containers
  5. Clothing – at least 16 short sleeve onesies, 8 long sleeve onesies, 16 sleepers, 8 pairs of pants, swimwear, hats, sweatshirt
  6. Baby soap, lotions, medicines
  7. Baby swaddles for sleeping
  8. Toys, books and sleep sheep
  9. 3 packages of wipes
  10. Baby monitor
  11. Stroller (the one item we CAN bring for them)

So far, in my packing analysis, I think that if Orrin and I each only bring 1 pair of underwear and a toothbrush, and then we should be able to fit everything.

The only saving grace is envisioning that once I get this packing thing done, I have a 4.5 hour plane ride with two screaming babies to look forward to. Wait a minute…. The only saving grace is envisioning that once the plane ride is done, I have 7 days to lie on the beach, sip a pina colada, and hope that the 19 built in family babysitters keep the twins busy to give the daddies a rest!

Happy holidays everyone!


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