Throwback Thursdays - Elliott Loran on Ride The Cyclone

Ten years of Acting Up Stage productions means ten years of photos and memories. Every Friday, we invite a company member to reflect on their time at Acting Up Stage by re-introducing you to one of the photos from our archives. Do you remember seeing this production? Leave your memories in the comments below!

A HUGE hit at Summerworks 2010, we were so lucky to bring Ride The Cyclone back in the Fall of 2011(in association with Theatre Passe Muraille) for more Toronto audiences to experience. With its signature blend of macabre humour, dazzling staging and innovative musical pastiche, this little show that could took indie theatre on a loop-de-loop many of us will never forget. Today, Elliott Loran reflects on his big breakout number - a Ziggy Stardust inspired otherworldly experiences involving cats (!!) and having spawned its own video game during Cyclone’s return engagement. David Bowie, meow your whiskers out.

Elliott LoranAt this point in Ride The Cyclone, Ricky Potts, a comic book obsessed idiot savant of sorts, with the help of his fellow choristers tells the amazing Karnak his origin story, the story of the Swinging Space Age Bachelor Man! It’s crazy to think that I told this story for 5 years and it never got old. I never got bored of it! Perhaps because of Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell’s wildly imaginative script and score; Britt Small and Treena Stubel’s innovative direction and choreography; the amazing talent (actors and crew) bringing it all to life; or all of the above! Whatever it was, I knew I was part of something special. We toured to Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Whitehorse, Winnipeg and Toronto and in each new city I would fall in love with the material, the cast, crew and audience all over again. I feel very blessed.


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