Archives: December 2012

One Song Glory - The Final Blog!

One Song Glory, our youth training program, has come to a close! With two sold-out performances on Sunday evening, these super talented folks brought the house down showing off their singing and acting chops. Here’s the last installation of their blog, as we celebrate the talent of tomorrow. More

A Craigslist Cabaret Contest - Bree Grieg

Here’s Bree Grieg performing a song from Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata. Record your own, and not only can you headline our very special Craigslist Cabaret (after A Craigslist Cantata) on February 13, but you also get to be Jennifer Walls’s very own special guest at SINGular Sensation. For more information and the complete prize package - including 8 tickets to Acting Up Stage and Factory productions - click here. More

The Year of The Child - Food, Difficult Food

I seem to be on a blogging kick about eating. Perhaps it’s because feeding babies consumes 6-10 hours of my day on most days.

Our daughter has infant reflux. This is something we figured out when she was a few weeks old. She would be eating her bottle and suddenly cry out in pain, arching her back and refusing to eat anymore. Reflux is a digestive disorder where some of the food flows back up, burning the esophagus. I imagine it hurts babies very much and creates some very ‘not positive’ eating experiences.

I love my children. Very much. But being a parent of a reflux baby is difficult. More

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