Archives: December 2012

The Year of The Child - Downtime

I’m playing with both babies. Our daughter’s getting a bit cranky, and our son’s eyes look a little red. Could it be that they are both sleepy at the same time? AMAZING! That never happens! What are the odds that both of them are going to nap at the same time?

I race them both upstairs, put them in their sleep sacks, put a pacifier in their mouths, and turn on the sleep sheep (best invention ever — to the calming sound of ocean waves.

I AM FREE!!!! Potentially up to one full hour of Daddy-alone time.

So what I do? I race to my computer and start answering emails like a crazy person. More

Out There - A Little Concept Music

During the third week of the month of November, in the current decade that is our own, Western theatre suddenly encountered a threat to its very existence, and this terrifying enemy surfaced, as such enemies often do, with the seeming most innocent and unlikely of faces: the high concept, score-based musical. More

William Finn Playlist (according to Tara)

Here’s the second installment of our popular Playlist! Featuring a different composer for each post, an invited guest blogger will bring you a rundown of their greatest hits and why you should have their songs on your portable music device. This week, Tara Litvak, presents her defiitive William Finn playlist (who also happened to write Falsettos) as she gears up for her Finn concert, Set Those Sails, on Dec 14. More

Alexandria - A New Musical

In conjunction with the Belfry Theatre, we have been hard at work on our first musical theatre commission: Alexandria. With lyrics and book by Andrew Kushnir and music by Reza Jacobs, this developing piece has us all intrigued as it develops from a Noteworthy pairing two years ago to an eventual full production. Right now, everyone is hard at work in a two-week workshop, directed by Robert McQueen and featuring Kate Henning, George Masswohl, Martin Julien and others. We’ve gotten Andrew Kushnir to answer some questions to give you all a sneak peek into the piece and into Andrew and Reza’s process. More

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