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The Year of The Child - Hannukah Vacation

We are going to Mexico in 3 days. 23 of us.

Every few years, my extended family plans a big trip. It’s a wonderful chance to be together with my immediate family, plus grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. This year, the destination is Cancun.

Normally I am over the moon excited for these trips. This year, I am slightly terrified. Why? Because the notion of leaving our safe ‘baby-friendly’ home and getting on a plane (eek!) to a new country (eek!) with a limited amount of gear we can bring (eek!) is pretty frightening.

Babies under 2 years old don’t pay for plane tickets. This is good. More

Tapestries - Photo Blog

On November 26, we celebrated the music of two of music’s most beloved singer-songwriter and best friends in our annual tribute concert, Tapestries: The Music of Carole King and James Taylor. These are our favorite photos from the evening. More

Tracy Michalidis’ Triple Threat

Tracy Michailidis is a Toronto based actress, singer and teacher. In addition to shining brightly in two Acting Up Stage shows (Light in the Piazza and Parade), she has been a company member at Stratford and toured with the North American production of Beauty and the Beast. She is gorgeous, a phenomenal singer and an all around lovely human being. Here’s what she had to say about musical theatre. More

The Year of The Child - Downtime

I’m playing with both babies. Our daughter’s getting a bit cranky, and our son’s eyes look a little red. Could it be that they are both sleepy at the same time? AMAZING! That never happens! What are the odds that both of them are going to nap at the same time?

I race them both upstairs, put them in their sleep sacks, put a pacifier in their mouths, and turn on the sleep sheep (best invention ever — to the calming sound of ocean waves.

I AM FREE!!!! Potentially up to one full hour of Daddy-alone time.

So what I do? I race to my computer and start answering emails like a crazy person. More

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